With the increasing diversity and needs of business today, access to quality support is essential.The 'My Managers' series of web sites aims to provide a service to organisations who do not, for whatever reason, employ their own specialist. We provide:

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My Admin Manager

Everything your business needs to succeed - contacts, invoices, inventory, payments and more.

My Business Manager

Provides information on running a business plus downloadable training packages and support frameworks for use by you and your colleagues.

My Customer Manager

Information on what customer management is, the systems and latest news

My Development Manager

Dont't forget your own development! Develop your skills as a manager and more generally with articles on a variety of topics from around the world

My Energy Manager

All aspects of managing the energy use of your processes and buildings together with information on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

My Finance Manager

Helpful information on company finance and access to financial software for all types of small business.

My Investment Manager

Helpful information on where to invest both your and the company's money, types of investment and strategies.

My Librarian

An online integrated library for professional development

My Marketing Manager

How to sell yourself, your company and your products with tools to help you. Essential information on sales and marketing with a selection of downloadable course material and outlines for planning and implementation.

My Maintenance Manager

Assistance in planning and monitoring plant and equipment, links to purveyors of equipment.

My People Manager

How to manage people and get them to work better.

My Project Manager

Understand how to manage and why you need to manage your projects plus a tool to do it.

My Researcher

A huge range of business topics for your interest and benefit.

My Store Manager

Sell your products on the internet and receive your orders by e-mail

My Supply Chain Manager

Helping you with packages to support this function plus travel and accommodation links.

My Standards Manager

Standards you need to work to plus measurement standard and conversion

My Sustainability Manager

See what you can do to make your private and business life more sustainable and save money too!

My Systems Manager

Advice on how you should manage your business including a downloadable micro management system allowing you to create a web site with a forms page, receive the forms as e-mail, record orders, progress and invoicing.


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